Last week I met the companions of the personal development program I followed in 2011 (‘ontdek je eigen frequentie’ at

What a pleasure to meet Isabelle, Frank, Iwein, Herman and Frederik again. I don’t know how to thank them enough for their honest feedback and their true life stories. They inspire me every day to live my life from my deepest self and they also inspired me very much when writing my book on value creation.

During my studies at university, I was taught most of the challenges in life can be solved by taking a rational approach. I was convinced I would solve any problem if only I would spend enough thought on it. Just by engineering a bit more, a better solution would always come up.

Also, throughout my career, I was subjected to an extended curriculum of management trainings mostly based on reductionist reasoning approaches and scientific management practices.

By the end of my thirties, I started to look for something else and I was lucky to participate in this personal development program that taught me to restore contact with my deeper self. I was able to throw out some obsolete views, to eliminate some of my existing filters, and let my energy flow again. I was so happy to re-experience some of life’s most wonderful aspects such as human contact, intuition and spontaneity; and realize how they could play an invaluable role in my job.

Today I realize more than ever that we need to bring together all of our human talents to solve the challenges of our times. Because organizations cannot be run as machines, because enterprises operate in dynamic and complex ecosystems, because challenges need to be conidered from an holistic perspective, we need to bring everything of who we are to work: our emotions, our ratio, our thoughts and our intuitions.

When we strive for wholeness, we bring together the ego and the deeper parts of the self. We integrate mind, body and soul. We show and develop both our masculine and feminine parts. And we integrate rational, emotional, intuitive and spiritual dimensions in our work. Frederic Laloux

I am well aware that the current context of many companies does not always allow you to show up as a whole. But I notice things are starting to change. Many companies are starting to think of ways to create better environments for people to show up more authentically.

Personally, I think this is very good news. Although our world is certainly influenced a lot by digital technology, I believe that we need to bring human mastery back at the forefront if we want to handle the complex challenges of our times. What an opportunity for organizations and individuals to show up as a whole, and bring everything of who they are to the table!

I hope my new book on value creation can contribute a little to organizations and people showing up more as a whole.