The way we create business value is becoming increasingly out of date. Dynamic markets, complex ecosystems and disruptive technologies are changing the rules of the game.

Meeting these challenges requires transforming our enterprises profoundly.

Illustrated with real-life examples from customers, colleagues and friends, this book presents how the author is living the journey of transformation in the companies he is working with.

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Product Description

Digital technologies are disrupting our enterprise environments in drastic ways. Enterprises are rethinking their ways to create value for customers. To bring about these new ways of value creation, we will need to go through a profound transformation both at personal, as well as at enterprise level. Starting from his own personal story, the author describes the journey of transformation three different but highly interrelated perspectives:

• how to innovate products and services by taking an agile, ecosystems approach for value creation,
• how to transform from siloed technology architectures to integrated digital platforms to connect people, businesses and physical objects in value networks,
• how to improve organizational structures to better fit value creation by bringing together multidisciplinary teams that operate close to the market.

Let this book inspire you to become yourself a change maker for value creation at your own company.

“An inspiring and practical book for the systemic changes that we need to address to create sustainable business value. Happy to share the story of StreetwiZe/Mobile School, as an example of an enterprise ecosystem that integrates commercial value and social impact.”

Arnoud Raskin, Owner, StreetwiZe/Mobile School

“Together with the author, we are living the transformation towards value driven product creation. It is not about trends, emerging technologies or disruption. It is about purpose, culture, co-discovery and adaptability. There is not one way, one path to follow, but this book will inspire and enlighten your journey. “

Stijn Verstraete, Program Director DOTS, Attentia

“I love this book’s focus on personal, as well as organizational, transformation.   Johan and friends challenge and guide us to be both resilient and adaptable, so that we can truly experience the benefits of the digital world.” 

Chris Potts, Author of The FruITion Trilogy

“Deeply human, and deeply practical, with a strong emphasis on customer orientation and customer value, this is one of the most useful books on enterprise architecture and digital transformation that I have seen to date. Strongly recommended.”

Tom Graves, Principal Consultant, Tetradian Consulting



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