Johan Merckx, Engineer

As a young child, I was very interested in computers. I still remember myself programming my first computer game for days and nights when I received my first personal computer in 1986. I studied engineering at the University of Leuven and in the beginning of my career I was very keen to develop solutions of high technical quality.

Johan Merckx, Architect

After a while, I started to develop a thorough interest in architecture because I experienced that – however good an individual solution might be from a technical point of view – the way it fitted in the broader environment was a much more critical success factor.

In the beginning, my architectural work was still very much driven by an engineering perspective, in the sense that designing efficient solutions was my main focus.

Johan Merckx, System Thinker

But more and more I started to notice that good architecture is not only about designing efficient solutions, but also about designing agile and resilient solutions that can adapt as the environment changes. I developed a very strong interest in system-thinking and started to look more at enterprises as living systems.

Inspired by my interest in nature, modern painting, building- and interior architecture, I am integrating more and more artistic elements in my work. Because in my experience ‘great architecture’ should also express forms, structures and dynamics that fit your enterprise purpose. Harmony, elegance and aesthetics are important characteristics if you want your architecture to support the shared purpose of your enterprise and its broader ecosystem context.

Johan Merckx

In my work as a consultant, I try to come up with solutions that are functional, qualitative, fit for purpose, agile, resilient, simple and beautiful.

I like to engage myself in projects that
• start from a strong ecosystem purpose,
• aspire to create great customer value,
• are executed by multidisciplinary teams,
• exploit technology for business reasons.